Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Celiac Scene News- Oct. 2019 has a current article about a bill being introduced to make pharmaceutical companies tell us if their products have gluten.  A few years ago I had a tooth pulled.  We arrived at a pharmacy to get the pain pills filled and the pharm. company was closed.  So, I had to take a pain pill that I didn't know if it had gluten in it.  It must have been all right.  But, I had to take a chance.  Please sign up on this site to deliver our wish for this bill to pass.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

After having severe dry eyes for years, I finally have my answer!  I saw several doctors but none of them mentioned Vit. A.  They all wanted me to take expensive prescription drops that made my eyes burn like fire!  Vitamin A is fat soluble which is only one of the vitamins celiacs have trouble absorbing.  I  was desperate and had 24,000 Beta Carotene that we take if we are around a sick person.  My eyes felt so much better!  I took 3 days and then thought I should have the blood level checked.  It was a great number: 77.  Normal is 40-100.  So, the level is good and I felt at least 90% better!  I read that a lot of celiacs need 10,000 per day so I am taking that nearly every day.  I will get retested later in the fall when I recheck Vit.D.  The doctors that know about nutrition are saying low Vit. D can lead to dementia as well as many other problems.  It is good to test it in the fall before all the dangerous germs hit people.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I haven't made any new posts for quite awhile due to my brothers' sudden death.  I thought he would outlive  us siblings.  He became suddenly sick, was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and died about 6wks. later!  A lot of the gastrointestinal cancers are related to celiac disease.  I wonder how many blood-related  families get tested after the first person gets diagnosed with celiac.

Someone tried a new Wichita doctor and related a family history of celiac.  This young doctor said we don't  test for celiac unless the patient has stomach pain!  I guess that leaves out all of you with:  migraines, joint pain,  skin problems, liver problems, learning problems,  in fertility etc.  There are 300 symptoms now associated with celiac.  As patients that have to live in our bodies, we need to be educated in spite of our doctors not knowing the symptoms.  I guess I was lucky that I had the classic belly problems.  I am sure if I was still eating gluten these last 19 years I would have been disabled or not even alive!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

This is an amazing time to be living with gluten free food!  Carriage Crossing has a long listing of gluten free dinners!  This is wayyyy beyond eating basically a baked potato of years ago!  They list turkey and turkey gravy, french fries.  Of course, I will find out:  what is the gravy thickened with, are the french fries fried separately.  Remember, you are not gluten free if you eat "iffy" foods even once a week.  We want to prevent those health issues possible to celiacs like:  lymphoma, bone problems like osteoporosis, brain problems, joint problems. 

A child recently diagnosed had uncommonly known symptoms.  Extremely tangly hair due to zinc deficiency, unclear speech.  She did not have diarrhea, but some constipation.  I wish we could bring a conference here to educate our medical doctors.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

I know someone recently diagnosed with celiac.  We really don't eat fast food because I don't want to trust my immune system to a 17 yr. old!  Soooo, I am asking for referrals from you of fast food restaurants that do not give you hidden gluten.  Thanks!