Wednesday, January 29, 2020

I have a friend near Kansas City that had a terrible childhood.  I told her if she gets her biochemistry balanced she would live a more serene life.  She went gluten free and dairy free and started taking B Vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, magnesium.  Her back pain went away, her depression lifted, and her EYE SIGHT  is now 20/20!!!  She is 76 yrs. old!!!  When she told her doctor, she became a believer because her patient no longer needs  an antidepressant and a pain pill.  The back doctor wanted to put a rod in her back.  The surgery is cancelled!  He had told her her back was crumbling.  I love to see restoration.  I know very well people that would rather take a pill with horrible side effects than change their diet.

Also, today I received an email saying I have won Canyon Bakehouse gluten free products!!  I did enter this contest a few weeks ago!  Have a great day!

Monday, January 27, 2020

My favorite celiac web site is:  I have their book:  Recognizing Celiac Disease written by Cleo Libonati and David Capuzzi.  I have used this book many times to figure out my symptoms.  Now, They have a treatment page on their web site.  I do not know how much it costs to join.  They have a listing of many symptoms that most doctors don't seem to know about.  One local doctor says he doesn't test for celiac unless the  person has a tummy ache.  Well, that's pretty simplistic for a complicated disease!  Some people do not have any digestive symptoms!

Monday, January 6, 2020

I guess we can never be gluten free too long to learn something new!  I never go to buffets because of cross contamination which I thought was due to the customers.  The restaurants use a thermometer to test the temperature of all the foods.  Sooo, they are sticking it in the gluten containing foods and then into ours!  I am not shy about asking restaurants to change their gloves and then watching them to see if they do!

Let me know which restaurants you want to meet at this year!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Have all of you been to Trader Joes?  I asked the clerk if these were sale prices and she said they don't have sales.  Soooo, WOW!  They have gluten free mini cupcakes, a dozen for $3.99.  That is so cheap and they were delicious!  Of course, you know, I bought them for the grandchildren so how would I know they were delicious???? 

They also had frozen chicken patties with cilantro and lime and no bad additives.  They were a delicious fast lunch with some added fruit.

They had their brand of several kinds of gluten free breads/buns.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Thanks to Gary for sending new information using nanoparticles to treat and possibly cure Celiac Disease! 

We just went to Silver Dollar City.  Either the restaurants have gotten really good about not giving me gluten or my microbiome has healed due to  altering my diet for 19 yrs.  Either way I am so thankful!
A big part  of my recovery has been to try to prevent using antibiotics!  A new study this year claims that if you take antibiotics your first year of life and have the celiac gene you will probably develop it.  I had pneumonia at age 3 mos., Mom said.  It was very traumatic for her so she really remembered it.

I have actually gotten Strep Throat in August in the past due to ragweed allergies.  This year, I started  the silver spray at the first sign of sore throat and I take Olive Leaf Extract capsules if I start to get respiratory symptoms.