Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Plans for 2009

The leadership group had our annual planning meeting at the end of October. We are currently planning 4 meetings and 4 CEOs for 2009. Once the dates and locations are confirmed I will add them to the Dates to Remember section.

Starting with the February newsletter, all newsletters will now be posted online in addition to being mailed. If you would prefer to download it yourself and not receive a copy in the mail, let us know.

One announcement: The newsletter that was mailed had the incorrect date for the January CEO at PeiWei. It is actually Tuesday January 27th, not the 21st. The version posted here on the blog has the correct date.

We will be meeting Tuesday, January 27th at PeiWei (pronounced "pay-way") at New Market Square, 21st street and Maize Rd. We will meet at 6:30. If you would like to join us, please call in your reservation to Gayle Cloud at (316) 788-2531.



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