Saturday, May 25, 2019

This is an amazing time to be living with gluten free food!  Carriage Crossing has a long listing of gluten free dinners!  This is wayyyy beyond eating basically a baked potato of years ago!  They list turkey and turkey gravy, french fries.  Of course, I will find out:  what is the gravy thickened with, are the french fries fried separately.  Remember, you are not gluten free if you eat "iffy" foods even once a week.  We want to prevent those health issues possible to celiacs like:  lymphoma, bone problems like osteoporosis, brain problems, joint problems. 

A child recently diagnosed had uncommonly known symptoms.  Extremely tangly hair due to zinc deficiency, unclear speech.  She did not have diarrhea, but some constipation.  I wish we could bring a conference here to educate our medical doctors.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

I know someone recently diagnosed with celiac.  We really don't eat fast food because I don't want to trust my immune system to a 17 yr. old!  Soooo, I am asking for referrals from you of fast food restaurants that do not give you hidden gluten.  Thanks!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

I read quite a bit about health and new functional medicine treatments.  I am not a person that wants to take prescriptions.  Sadly, I do know people that want to take a pill rather than change their diet or take vitamins and minerals.  There is a new docuseries coming that will discuss that most of our health problems come from the gut.  Too many vaccinations, antibiotics, sugar, toxins can damage our gut and cause even mental problems!  I know 4 young women, not related, that have bipolar and it is harming their life.  Diet, diet, Diet.  To sign up for this docuseries  go to:  This is Dr. Pedram from India.  I have watched many series from this group, but the first from this doctor.  I hope this changes someones life.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thanks to Gary for informing us of the new products coming to Aldis May 8.  Some of these are:  empanadas, raisin bread,  larger pizzas, ravioli.  More choices are always a helpful situation for us!

Friday, April 12, 2019

I once had a very difficult tooth pulling.  It was after business hours when I finally left to go get pain medicine.  No one knew if the pain pill had gluten in it but, I bought it anyway due to the difficult process trying to get it out.  There is a new bill introduced April 3, 2019 HR2074 that would protect us from this problem.  It would require the pharmaceutical companies to declare any gluten in their medicine used by humans.   I am sure they will fight this and maybe pay off our government leaders.  Please call, send and email, etc. to Ron Estes, Representative, Jerry Moran, Pat Roberts, Senators to respectfully request they help this pass.  This is a (rare) bipartisan effort!!  I do not know why the other two men's emails did not copy.  It is not hard to get.  Look up Kansas Representative Ron Estes, and Jerry Moran, Kansas Senator.  Thank you for helping!  Ask friends and family to help us to pass this!