Saturday, February 25, 2017

Our next CEO will be:
Day:        March 4, 2017 
Place:     Outback Steakhouse, 233 S Ridge Rd, South of Maple on west side of street
Time:      1pm

Please call Gayle at least 2 days ahead at 788-2531 so she can call to ask them to save a few tables for us.  Also, she likes to mention our needs.

As always, if the weather is hazardous we will cancel.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I just watched:  Gluten Free Q & A with Dr. Tom O'Bryan.  It's about 42 mins. and very informative!  My only disagreement with him was when he said that if a product says Gluten Free, such as oats, then it is!  I know I got glutenned from Cheerios!  He describes growing the oats with likely contamination from other fields, loading it in trucks that previously transported wheat, processing it on equipment that processed wheat before, etc.  He mentioned sky high levels of gluten in oats! 

He also mentioned a new test that tests more of the protein peptides of gluten.  This one "wheat Zoomer" is very accurate and tests 26-30 of the peptides.  He says most doctors do not know about the new test.  7 or 8 of 10 people are testing positive, because it is more extensive testing.  He reccomends EVERYONE get tested once a year to make sure they can really tolerate gluten before a terrible illness manifests!  You can read about it at

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I know several women that have dry eyes.  I have had severe problems such as waking up at night with stabbing pain, tears running down my face.  I thank God for hearing my prayers for desperate help!  Dr. Oz had a dermatologist on his show telling that using an oil (they had several)  would help eye lashes grow back!  I want thicker, longer lashes because mine are nearly non existent!  I tried this using the coconut oil I already  had and noticed pretty quick that my eyes felt better!  Coconut oil is an antifungal.  I had Lasik surgery in 2000.  I believe they washed my eyes with antibiotics and probably the drops I took after this had them also.  Most people know that we need probiotics for our gut due to all the meds. we have been given.  What about our eyes?  I read that celiac pops out after too many antibiotics.  Some people have the gene but never develop full blown celiac disease.  A great side effect:  the puffy bags under my eyes are shrinking and skin around my nose-to-mouth got dry and peeled and the skin is so much better!  Like new born skin-- the deep crevice is shallower!  I had begun to use the coconut oil on my face.  After a few days the skin got better!  This will save us $50 a month.  Hope this helps someone, tell others!