Monday, October 20, 2014


                                                   Annual Activities

--YOU are always welcome, as are your wheat eating families, friends!

CEO:   This is reoccurring restaurant outings, everyone orders what they can eat.  It stands for Celiacs Eating Out.

Potluck dinner:   Newly diagnosed people do not need to bring any food--just come and enjoy!

Picnic:    Our group grills hamburgers, hot dogs and provides buns, service ware and drinks. (both GF and regular wheat buns) Our members bring gluten free side dishes to share and the recipes for those with other food allergies.

Party:  Holiday foods and gift exchange.   Our members bring snack foods and our group provides drinks.  Our gift exchange involves wrapping anything related to being a gluten free person.   Some past examples:   packaged cookies, pasta, crackers, chips, cooking supplies, candy, etc.   This is always a fun time!

Any time we bring homemade foods we always bring the recipe so that people with other allergies will know what is in it!   Store bought items are brought in their original wrapper to show their ingredients.

Our group strives to help anyone using a gluten free diet.   This includes celiacs and those that are gluten intolerant.   The treatment is the same:   gluten free diet!

You may become a member at any of our activities, our Facebook or this blog,below.   This $15 fee funds our outreach materials, locations for events, gives you our newsletters, our lending library, etc.

You can help us reach others that need our help by sending your doctors' email addresses if they would like to post in their office the list of our activities for the year.  We also can provide business cards for their patients.   Please send these to:  We would be glad to send to any kind of doctor--not just gastroenterologists.  Also, dieticians, naturopaths, school nurses, speech therapists, play therapists.  Thank you for helping us!

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