Sunday, January 15, 2017

                                                                  January 2017

We have decided to make changes to the structure of our group.  Many people cannot come out to meetings so we are not going to schedule regular meetings.  We will still have this blog, and our yahoo account for email:  You can use this site to tell others about new foods, restaurants, traveling with gluten intolerance or celiac, etc.  We want to share information that we normally would share at our meetings.  This might also include new medicines, tests, medical information.  When you hit "send" one of our leadership group will read it before posting.  Hopefully, we will avoid having something posted that is inappropriate.

We will continue to meet for dinner (celiacs eating out-- CEOs) at various locations in our area.  Please make sure the restaurant is still open before you come.  Many local restaurants have gone out of business.  If someone calls and lets us know that a restaurant has closed we will choose a new one for that date.  Gayle-788-2531, Bev 776-9369, Susan 779-5687.  Please leave a message because many of us do not answer unknown callers.

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