Saturday, February 18, 2017

I just watched:  Gluten Free Q & A with Dr. Tom O'Bryan.  It's about 42 mins. and very informative!  My only disagreement with him was when he said that if a product says Gluten Free, such as oats, then it is!  I know I got glutenned from Cheerios!  He describes growing the oats with likely contamination from other fields, loading it in trucks that previously transported wheat, processing it on equipment that processed wheat before, etc.  He mentioned sky high levels of gluten in oats! 

He also mentioned a new test that tests more of the protein peptides of gluten.  This one "wheat Zoomer" is very accurate and tests 26-30 of the peptides.  He says most doctors do not know about the new test.  7 or 8 of 10 people are testing positive, because it is more extensive testing.  He reccomends EVERYONE get tested once a year to make sure they can really tolerate gluten before a terrible illness manifests!  You can read about it at

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